Beef-ban in India challenged by Indian Muslims

Indian Muslims publicly defied the beef-ban in India by slaughtering a cow on Indian Flag. The brave Muslims distributed cow meat in front of Parliament challenging the ban by Indian government. The protest has sent a message of unity in Muslims against the inhuman behavior of the Hindu society.

This was not the first time that a protest against beef-ban was observed in India. A brave Muslim lady from Indian Kashmir has also become the voice Indian Muslims on EID Last year. She had also slaughter a cow publicly defying the Indian court ruling. She distributed the cow beef after slaughter in presence of Indian army and set an example of bravery.

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Several other events of such type have also taken place in other parts of India. Indian Muslims have always challenged the beef-ban all over the country very bravely. Not only the ban on use of beef has been challenged by Muslims but any other inhuman law has treated similarly. Racists groups of Hindu community often do such things which become reason of unpleasant events.

Beef-ban all over India has been criticized by the other countries of the world as well. It was considered as an act of provoking Indian Muslims to take some sever actions. The protest by the Muslims has also feared to create insurgency all over the country. The matter requires to be addressed very carefully by the religious elder of both groups.

Looking at the brooder prospective, not only the Beef-ban in India but several other acts of such kids done by the Hindu racists have become problem. The Indian government will have to take the problems of Indian Muslims seriously to avoid any unpleasant things.

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