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American Airport Security officials treats girl unethically

An American student has claimed that she was touched at private body parts at an American airport by the TSA officials. Such incidents with the females in America have noticed very often recently. Shameful act of the security officials have become a routine with women.

Name of the country like America has also been become very badly in the world because of such incidents with the women. Mostly the men working on every American airport takes benefit of their powers. The security officials on the airports all over the world are given a lot of powers these days.


Especially, after the increasing fear of extremist acts, the airport officials are given free hand to treat people. Such things are seen more on any American airport than anywhere else in the world. The airports in America are facing more security problems than the rest of the world. To handle the security conditions, the airport officials are given free hand.

The officials on every American airport have all the powers to search and arrest any passenger. In last few months, several celebrities have also complained about misbehavior in America with them. However, the government has always backed the unethical acts of its security officials with public.

There has been a serious concern in the public as well after the serious act with the student in America. The public has demanded the government to control the powers of airport officials up to some limit. There will be serous issues of public on every American airport if such things will continue for long.

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