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African Tribes Shocked to whole world

In this world, there is a worldwide organization with the name of United Nations is responsible for African Tribes. In this organization, there are numbers of organization in it related to different categories. World Health Organization is also related to United Nations. According to history, it was come into being in April 7, 1948 in Geneva, Switzerland.

WHO is the organizations that concerned with public health in African Tribes. This department has its responsibility to supervise to whole world regarding food deficiency. This institution is considered responsible if it does not reach where people are started to stave. Given footage also those people who are dying with deficiency of food but there is no one there for their help.

Those African people must have first aid from these organizations or from the human rights organizations but there is no one for their help. It seems as all human rights organizations institutions and WHO is only taking care for the rights of Europe and American people but not African Tribes. They have no care of anybody around the world that does not belong to these blocks.

Given video shows us clearly how people and their children does not have anything to eat and other side, the children of European people have everything on their dining table. United Nations still is sleeping and is not taking any remarkable actions in the favor of African Tribes.

African countries itself are not able to help their brothers and their nations. They already fight with these conditions in their homes. African Tribes themselves are waiting for the help from any other country but in vain.

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