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African People are being ignored

In this world, there are numbers of human rights organizations and other institutions that have their existence with full power. It can be said in other words as they have their existence but not able to help the poor and the needy people. Yes here is the discussion about the African people who are started to starve badly.

They are waiting for help from the united nation after the help of Allah. They have nothing to eat even their children started to die with appetite. There is one institution with the name of WHO but there is no use of it for the poor countries as it seems at the end.


There are numbers of human rights organizations working in this whole world but those are also for the rights of European and American people or for the right for white skin people. In this era in which we have fastest means of transportation we are still waiting for some miracle.

This whole world is full of resources and there are very less countries where people die with appetite. If it happens it is alarming for the united nation and for those so called organization who claims as the best ones in this whole world for providing the food to the needy.

When these footage were released on internet, the United Nations’ officials were also shaken with frightened. They gave order to their subordinates for giving them full report on it. Apparently, they took quick action on this but there was no use of it as they again slept as they were sleeping already.

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