Afghan females get recruited in American Army

Talking about get recruited in American Army for Afghan females always has been difficult process. They all have to pass those tests which are compulsory for their own females in America. They did not spare to anyone during training session. If they get any problem during training session they have to quit from army and there is no other option.

Talking about training session of American army undoubtedly is very difficult and hard. Sometimes candidates also get some problems while getting training. Sometimes they have some minor problems and they are allowed to come back in training session for becoming a part of American army. On the other hand, they also are kicked off from the army when they get serious problems of bone fractures.


 They also have to face strict rules during training sessions especially talking about having affairs with officials or their own colleagues. They are also kicked off when they are caught during the training sessions. Talking about their training sessions, those sessions are found very easy from day first but after passing time all sessions are started to get tough and hard.

Sometimes, females also lose their heart and apply for quitting but that time their officials encourage them and never accept their resignation. Afghan females also have to face same rules during training sessions. However, it is seen as Afghans females are stronger and harder than American females. Sometimes they are also started to be compared with American male soldiers due to their hardest activities.

Given video is the example of all above saying in which you can see how one candidate is struggling to achieve her given target. Her colleagues are encouraging her to get her target. On the other hand, she is also working on it and does not want to quit at any cost. In the end, you can see how she gets succeeded and all her officials supported her.

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