Afghan female in American Army works hard

Afghan female in American Army works hard to be in the army. She was given a task to complete it at any cost and she got succeeded in it but with lot of effort. According to officials as they knew as it was hard to complete for her but she proved as they were all wrong.

She made it before time which was also shocking for them. They also praised her lot and her way by which she completed her task. According to some officials, she used very short and dangerous way to complete as soon as possible which never used before.

According to her officials and training officers, it is good as she did not fright from anyone neither from unknown places nor from unknown people. They further added as she is confident and brave. She had ability to express herself and her narrative which is necessary for commanding people.

In the given video you can see how she was falling in the end but she did not quit. Her friends also started to support her. She could be quit if she did not get support from her friends, she added in her interview in the end. She also thanked to her all friends who support her lot during her training.

She was also awarded with special courageous award that is given to those candidates who does different during their training session. She also showed courage and braveness and adopted some unexpected ways while training. She was also very happy to receive that special award.

Afghan Woman in American Army