Act of Public at Shrine becomes Shameful

In the given video, it can be seen as how they are violating the rules of Islam as many female are going without veil in shrines which is not acceptable. When they asked about it they gave reference of those people who were ignorant. In religion Islam, it is not acceptable to go the women out without veil but in shrines people are having the same practice which is sorrowful.

However, now people are again wanted to adopt that style which is not allowed. At that time, people were ignorant and they do not know anything about Islam but they know each and everything. It has commonly seen that people does not care these places in Ramadan as well.

Our government institutes seem busy in their own work and they have no enough time to deal these topics which are more necessary as their own tasks. If those tasks are for the nations, so here the same nation is going to be destroyed by our own people’s hands. They are not spreading any good gesture by their program but a gesture of vulgarism and unethical ways.

It is tragic with our nation as our morning shows did not seem under control any regulatory authority. Otherwise there was no way to run these kinds of vulgarism in the morning shows where respect is going to be devastated by some ignorant people who even does not know the meaning of respect. We as a nation would not allow them to eradicate and uproot our culture at all.

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