500 Years frozen girl found in Argentina

A small girl’s mummy has found at the base of volcano in Argentina in frozen condition. The girl’s mummy looked like as it was alive. The geological scientists have traced the girl’s mummy liked with ancient tribes and known as Inca girl. The world has surprised to see the girl’s mummy in frozen condition.

The Inca girl was sacrificed by the Argentinean tribes to get save from the volcano getting angry on them. It has been tradition in Argentina that old tribes were used to do such type of sacrifices to please their gods. The tribes had several different gods according to their beliefs.

The tribes living under the mountain range were mostly parrying the mountains above them. The religious clerics in the Inca Tribes were used to sacrifice a young girl to live inside the volcano. Such things were done to keep the anger of the volcanoes quite. All over Argentina there are several hundred such mountain ranges.

Different tribes are still living under these mountain ranges. Inca tribes were also used to live under one of the same volcano mountain ranges in Argentina. There are millions of tourists comes to these Argentinean mountains to watch these historical places.

The frozen mummy of the Inca girl was also found by one of the similar tourists group. The girl’s mummy was taken to a since lab for different experiments and then was put in a museum. The geological scientists have started massive research to find more historical things under the volcano where the girl’s mummy was found in Argentina.

Argentine Lady

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